Kraft NCCA/MLB Promo

Sports properties are always trying to find new ways to reach fans. Whether it’s a bobblehead giveaway at the stadium or purchasable memorabilia their goal is to keep fans hungry for more of their team 24/7—even on a CPG level. That’s why Kraft/Kmart teamed up to pitch the MLB & NCAA for additional ways to incentivize fans. As an agency, it was our task to come up with the promotion. For NCAA we focused on the couch crew. Those who were glued to their sets at home, watching the games during meals. We offered food sales and bundle packs. For the MLB we went old school and brought in Topps for exclusive MLB trading cards inside Post cereal which at the time was also owned by Kraft/PMI. Since the budget didn’t lend itself to TV spots we targeted millennials/moms with kids through radio that was in-store on terrestrial stations and of course, music streaming services.